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Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers tender a healthy alternative to bottled water. Our filtered water systems are installed in large and small offices, schools, medical centers, warehouses, shops and other commercial establishments. All of our water coolers and filtration systems can be partnered with Reverse Osmosis, Carbon and UV filtration systems.




The stylish design will compliment contemporary break rooms and kitchen decors. Features include; hot, cold and ambient water temperatures, stainless steel reservoir and hot tank, indicator lights for hot and cold tanks.


This is the perfect water cooler for a small to medium size office. Our entry level bottle-free water cooler will give you steaming hot and chilled drinking water. Features include; one-piece high density polyethylene cabinet, Energy Star rated hot tank, available in black or white and UL certified.




Oasis’ Aqua Bar II

This water cooler provides the most sophisticated approach to your water cooler needs. Oasis integrates a large, four gallon stainless steel storage reservoir in all models. Aqua Bar II Deluxe water cooler with a Green Filter system allows you to enjoy the freshest drink available today! The Aqua Bar II Series is designed with superior technology to deliver safe, great tasting water every time.



This counter top water cooler is the most compact size in the market. Features include; hot and cold temperature water, one gallon capacity stainless steel reservoir, removable cup rest, energy saving mode, durable and sturdy.

Vertex PWC 1000

This hot & cold water cooler is available in white or executive gray (featured). Features include; Hot and cold temperature water, Auto control LED indicator for hot or cold water on the front panel, sealed compressor cooler system with thermostat, **child safety lock for hot water faucet, sealed stainless steel water reservoirs, individual on/off switch for hot and cold water on rear panel and no-drip dispensing faucets.

**Recommended for schools, childcare centers, youth centers or birthday party facilities.


Vertex PWC 500

The PWC 500 counter top water cooler is great for a small office or break room.

**PWC 600 is a tri-temperature (hot, cold & room temperature) version of the PWC 500.

Aqua Bar

Refurbished Water Coolers
featured: Aqua Bar Tri-Temp.

Get more and payless, we have huge inventories of these heavy duty high capacity bottleless water coolers restored to serve water loving employees. This bottleless water cooler is best partnered with reverse osmosis filtration. This perfect combination will make sure that your employees will have the best tasting drinking water all the time.

4-stage Reverse Osmosis

“4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System”

This under counter 4 stage reverse osmosis system is great for your home or office kitchen. Vertex Reverse osmosis removes contaminants as well as chlorine taste and odor and makes clean, great tasting water from your water supply. This system incorporates the same technology used by most bottled water companies.

Commercial Water Purification

PWM-600 / PWM-1200
“Commercial Water Purification”

For whole house supply, water stores, boiler water and process water.